Armenia's assertion that Azerbaijan prepares for war completely groundless - MFA

  23 February 2024    Read: 587

Statements of the Armenian side aimed at concealing steps related to its recent policy of mass militarization, which has disrupted regional stability for about five months, citing as justification the calls of the Community of Western Azerbaijan, as well as responses to unfounded Armenian statements that Azerbaijan is gearing up for war, are unfounded, reports, referring to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

Meanwhile, after the last meeting between the leaders, held at the initiative of the German Chancellor, such statements by Armenia and the choice of France as the venue, being a manifestation of Armenia's disrespect for Germany's efforts, are seen as an indicator of France's continued negative influence on the peace process.

"The allegations that Azerbaijan is supposedly preparing to attack Armenia do not respect the rules of international law and are an evident distortion of known data, with the intention of misleading the world community," the statement of the Foreign Ministry notes.

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