Azerbaijan MFA: France's March 8 statement strongly rejected

  08 March 2024    Read: 535
 Azerbaijan MFA: France

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) issued a strong rejection of a statement made by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs on March 8th.

The French statement allegedly expressed concerns about the targeting of freedom of expression and press freedom in Azerbaijan, along with claims of unjustified arrests.

The MFA considers these accusations "baseless and biased," viewing them as an attempt to interfere in Azerbaijan's internal affairs, ongoing investigations, and judicial independence. The statement further asserts that France lacks the "moral right" to make such pronouncements due to alleged human rights violations within its borders, including instances of protester deaths during riots, corruption within legislative structures, Islamophobia, and various other rights abuses.

Azerbaijan maintains that fundamental rights, freedoms, and media freedom are fully respected within the country. The MFA reiterated its demand that France refrain from interfering in Azerbaijan's internal affairs.

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