Kremlin sees dialogue as key to resolving Russia-Armenia issues

  10 April 2024    Read: 800
  Kremlin sees dialogue as key to resolving Russia-Armenia issues

The Kremlin hopes that difficult moments in relations between Russia and Armenia will find a solution through dialogue, Russia's Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said, reports.

"Soon, the leaders of Russia and Armenia will have an opportunity to discuss everything. Dialogues at the working level are taking place, which is also very important. Armenia is a close partner and ally of Russia, a country with which Russia is united by many integration formats, such as the CIS, EAEU, and, of course, historical bilateral relations," he added.

Meanwhile, Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan stated that Armenia does not want to argue with Russia, but relations with Russia are being transformed.

The PM stated in parliament that now there is a transition from the relations of historical Armenia and Russia to the relations of real Armenia and Russia.

"It is sometimes as painful as the internal transformation in Armenia itself. But everything should be done to fill this transformation with 'positive stories'. Armenia is ready for such work with Russia, and relations with Russia are hard to overestimate from the point of view of Armenia's economy, security, and statehood," he added.

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