Azerbaijan repatriates its citizens from conflict zone in Syria

  04 June 2024    Read: 529
Azerbaijan repatriates its citizens from conflict zone in Syria

Through gradual and coordinated efforts by the Government of Azerbaijan, on June 4, six Azerbaijani citizens (five children and one women) who were in conflict zones in the Syrian Arab Republic were successfully repatriated to Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry reported.

The ministry stated that the initial steps involved confirming the location, identity, and citizenship of the Azerbaijani repatriates. After that, arrangements were made for their transfer to the territory of Türkiye.

"Representatives from relevant state agencies tasked with repatriating Azerbaijani citizens from Iraq and Syria were dispatched to Türkiye, where primary medical and psychological examinations were held on the repatriates.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Türkiye facilitated the necessary coordination efforts, issuing return certificates to our citizens and overseeing their transport back to Azerbaijan.

Plans are in place for the social rehabilitation and reintegration of the returnees into society.

The Government of Azerbaijan remains committed to taking the necessary steps for repatriating citizens affected by armed conflicts in foreign territories,” the ministry said.

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