Second suspect identified in European Investment Bank corruption probe

  25 June 2024    Read: 752
Second suspect identified in European Investment Bank corruption probe

Police searched the property of a former senior official from the European Investment Bank as part of an investigation into alleged corruption, which also involves the lender’s ex-president, Werner Hoyer. 

Former EIB employee Henry von Blumenthal is the second person to be investigated by EU prosecutors as part of an inquiry into allegations of corruption and abuse of influence, as well as the alleged misappropriation of EU funds, his lawyer confirmed to POLITICO.

The EIB was rocked on Monday by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office’s (EPPO) graft probe.

Police officers from Germany and Luxembourg have in recent months seized material related to the investigation, according to two officials who were granted anonymity to describe confidential matters to POLITICO. Officers also searched the home of Hoyer, the former EIB president. 

“Yes, there have been searches, but we have no precise idea of what my client is accused of, apart from the fact that we understand it relates to his departure from the bank,” Frank Rollinger, a Luxembourg-based lawyer for von Blumenthal, told POLITICO. 

“We’re very confident that he has absolutely nothing to be worried about, and we’re looking forward to finding out more about the case and providing all the relevant information [to clear his name],” he added.

A spokesperson for EPPO declined to comment.

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