Preparatory stage of international exercise “Birlestik-2024” continues

  10 July 2024    Read: 796
  Preparatory stage of international exercise “Birlestik-2024” continues

Relevant measures are taken at the preparatory stage of “Birlestik-2024” operational-tactical command-staff exercise to be held in Aktau, Kazakhstan.

A meeting of the leaders of participating personnel from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan was held, reports citing the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry. 

Proposals related to security, organizational and other issues were heard and detailed discussions were held at the meeting.

Afterwards, the military personnel got acquainted with the training area. During familiarization personnel was instructed, safety rules were delivered and detailed information about the exercise was provided.

Then, the drawing procedure of Baghdar tactical orienteering competition, to be organized as part of the international exercise, was held.

The main stage of the competition focused on increasing the professionalism of military personnel will be held on July 13.

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