Google Admires Evidence of Water on Mars With Doodle

  29 September 2015    Read: 543
Google Admires Evidence of Water on Mars With Doodle
A cute doodle is designed today by google to acknowledge the discovery of sign of water on Mars. An adorable animated Red Planet is sketched out on a violet colored night sky with stars creating depth for the Red Plant to stand out.

Google is written with white across the starry night sky. The Red Planet represents the second O for the google`s logo. The planet rotates to show a cartooned face on the planet; personifying Mars. The Red Planet is shown drinking water from a glass and emptying it; representing the discovery of signs of water on the planet. After finishing the glass full of water the planet again rotates back to its original position. This cycle of rotation continues.

When you click on the doodle you are directed to the search page giving you a list of articles published on the bases of this historic discovery along with several other useful information regarding the Red Planet and the possibility of life on it.

Scientists have brought forward various theories and yet many mysteries are unsolved. With the unfolding of such discoveries scientists are getting close to unfold answers to several unsolved questions.

To know more about the discovery and its effect on our solar system click on the google doodle and attain more knowledge about this epoch-making event.

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