UK still largest investor in Azerbaijan

  20 February 2014    Read: 332
UK still largest investor in Azerbaijan
The total volume of foreign investments put in Azerbaijan`s fixed capital in January 2014 stood at 216.4 million manats, which is 1.14 percent less than figures for the same period of last year, according to a report from Azerbaijani State Statistics Committee.

The committee said that in January 2014 some 83.2 percent (180 million manat) of investments, put into fixed capital by foreign countries and international organizations, accounted for investors from the UK, the U.S., Japan, Norway, Turkey and Czech Republic.

The United Kingdom maintains its leading position; its share in the total foreign investments in Azerbaijan amounted to 34.7 percent, and the size of the investments stood at 75.09 billion manats.

Over this period the Czech investments in Azerbaijan`s economy amounted to 32.3 million manats (with specific weight of 14.9 percent), Turkish investments - 19.81 million manats (9.2 percent), the U.S. investments - 19.35 million manats (8.9 percent), Japanese investments - 18.78 million manats (8.7 percent), and Norwegian investments - 14.7 million manats (6.8 percent).

Among the international financial institutions the largest volume of investments was allocated by the World Bank (WB) - 19.44 million manats with a specific weight of nine percent.
In January the Asian Development Bank (ADB) allocated 16.9 million manats (7.8 percent) to projects in Azerbaijan.
The official exchange rate for February 18 is 0.7844 AZN/USD.

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