Armenian terrorism being studied at int

  17 November 2015    Read: 784
Armenian terrorism being studied at int
“Namely the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA implemented the most violent and bloody attacks in France, which has now become the object of terrorism”

Today, Azerbaijan is facing Armenia`s terror, carried out at the state level, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev told APA on Nov.17.

He made the remarks in response to Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan’s comments on President Ilham Aliyev’s speech in Antalya.

Hajiyev said the Armenian deputy FM who forgot Armenian terrorism and Yerevan’s policy to support terrorism at the state level should be reminded that Armenian terrorism, including its history and the "modus operandi" (mode of action) as a special area of terrorism has become a subject of study at the international level.

The spokesman advised the officials of Armenia, in particular diplomat biologist Shavarsh Kocharyan, to get familiarized with the declassified and posted online special reports regarding investigations of the CIA and the US Department of State about the Armenian terrorism.

Dashnak and Hunchak movements that spread in the late 19th century, Tsarist Russia`s decree (12 June 1903) which envisages the confiscation of the property of Armenian churches that became the shelter and arms depot of Armenian terrorists, as well as massacres committed in the Eastern Anatolia during World War I and in Baku in March 1918 are facts proving historical background of the Armenian terrorism, Hajiyev noted.

The new wave of Armenian terrorism that occurred in the 1970s, is marked with the emergence of ASALA, its sub-groups Orly Group, Gegaron, Armenian Union, Young Armenians Union, June 9 Group, Suicide Squad, Apostle, Switzerland Group terrorist organizations and bloody terror acts they committed in Middle East, Europe and North America.

Hajiyev went on to add that namely the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA implemented the most violent and bloody attacks in France, which has now become the object of terrorism. A bloody attack in the French Orly Airport July 15, 1983 is a clear proof of this, he said.

Since the late 80s, Armenian terrorist organizations and special services have committed more than 32 terrorist attacks in the transport system and other public facilities in Azerbaijan, which is an integral part of the territorial claims of Armenia against Azerbaijan, Hajiyev said.

The victims of these attacks were thousands of innocent civilians, said the foreign ministry spokesman.

The investigating authorities have proved that these attacks were implemented by special services of Armenia, said Hajiyev.

According to him, the Khojaly tragedy committed on 26 February 1992 against the innocent people with the participation of ASALA`s Aramo and Arabo subgroups is the most striking example of the fact that Armenia is pursuing a policy of terrorism at the state level.

At present, the ASALA terrorist organization and its sub-groups are fully integrated into special services of Armenia, Hajiyev said.

According to the ministry spokesman, with the terror attacks committed by special services of Armenia in the Baku subway on 19 March and 3 July 1994, Armenia initiated subway terrorism in the world.

He noted that on the basis of these traditions of Armenian special services, terror attacks were committed in Madrid and London subways 10 years later.

Hajiyev said that Armenia is the only country in the world, which is proud of its "terrorist traditions".

`As an obvious example of this, fascist war criminal general Dro and member of ASALA, terrorist Monte Melkonian have been declared national heroes of Armenia and a monument have been erected to them in Yerevan. The acts of the Armenian terrorists have been included to the program of secondary schools and universities as an example of ‘national heroism`, he completed.

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