The Tariff Council confirms prices of another 530 medicines

  24 November 2015    Read: 763
The Tariff Council confirms prices of another 530 medicines
At a meeting on Monday, the Tariff Council confirmed the prices of 530 more medicines, the Ministry of Economy and Industry told.
To date, the Tariff Council has confirmed the wholesale and retail prices and the date of entry into force of 3,540 medicines, considering the trade names, name of the active substance, dose, pharmaceutical form, commercial packaging, quantity of packaging, and producing country of the drugs. Of them, 1,160 medicines are already on sale with confirmed prices.

The prices of another 1,122 medicines with confirmed prices will come into force on December 1 this year, and those of 1,258 medicines on December 21.

So far, prices of 46% medicines halved, and those of 24% medicines fell three times. Generally, 95% of medicine prices have been reduced.

According to the order of the Council, the sale of the medicines with unconfirmed prices from the same group may be sold after confirmation.

The Council also announced the admission of documents on new active substances and set the 7th December as a deadline.

Decisions and list of the medicines have been posted on the website of the Tariff Council (

The comparison table of current prices and prices confirmed by the Tariff Council was also posted here.

New tariff will come into force from December 1. 2015.

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