Investigation Into Nemtsov

  29 December 2015    Read: 748
Investigation Into Nemtsov
Five individuals will be arraigned on Tuesday in connection with Boris Nemtsov
Investigators plan to complete their probe into the murder of political opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, gunned down in downtown Moscow in February 2015, in January of next year, the Russian Investigative Committee said Tuesday.

“Investigators plan to complete their investigations in January 2016 on the main criminal case and the collected material will be given to the plaintiffs and their representatives for acquaintance, after which they will be handed to the defendants and their lawyers,” a statement on the Investigative Committee’s site reads.

According to investigations, five individuals will be arraigned on Tuesday in connection with Nemtsov’s murder.

The murder was condemned by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who called it a "disgraceful chapter" in modern Russian history, and vowed to punish the perpetrators.

On Friday, the investigators said that Nemtsov’s murder was not linked to his political or social work, which challenged the previous assertion circulated in media that Nemtsov was allegedly murdered in revenge for his statement on Charlie Hebdo anti-religious cartoons.

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