Kravchuk to submit proposal to Poroshenko on Azerbaijan

  08 February 2016    Read: 706
Kravchuk to submit proposal to Poroshenko on Azerbaijan
Further strengthening of relations with Azerbaijan is one of the biggest needs of Ukraine no matter who is on power, the first president of Ukraine, one of the founders of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Leonid Kravchuk said on Feb. 8.
He said that if the government formed after the revolution in Ukraine is indifferent to cooperation with Azerbaijan, this will be their biggest mistake.

“Ukraine is in difficult conditions and experiencing a period of trial and war. Those in power are more inclined to intensify cooperation with the countries which joined anti-Russian sanctions. However, it does not mean that we neglect our main and long term strategic friends. Azerbaijan is a strategic partner and friend of Ukraine for many years. If we remain indifferent to cooperation with Azerbaijan in any period, then we may suffer large losses from an economic and political point of view. Azerbaijan may not join severe sanctions. As a friend we should understand the concerns of Azerbaijan and reasons of its steps. Azerbaijan has always expressed support for us and as I noted the country is our strategic partner, friend in the main fields of our national interests,” he noted.

With regard to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko`s belated visit to Azerbaijan, Kravchuk said that in all cases Ukraine will suffer from it, stressing the importance of new agreements with a country like Azerbaijan.

“I’m sure that the Ukrainian president will visit Azerbaijan in the short run. Together with former presidents Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yushchenko, I will develop proposals for development of relations with Azerbaijan and submit them to President Poroshenko. We received an invitation to the upcoming Baku Global Forum and will discuss this issue at meetings to be held as part of the forum,” he completed.

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