Bundestag sued for `Armenian Genocide`

  11 June 2016    Read: 1544
Bundestag sued for `Armenian Genocide`
Bundestag was sued for the adoption of a resolution qualifying the Ottoman era Armenian killings as `genocide.
A lawyer of Turkish origin Ramazan Akbas submitted a complaint letter to the city court of Karlsurhue and The European Court of Human Rights.

The letter highlights the cancellation of the Bundestag`s resolution. `Approximately 4.5 million Turks and people of Turkish origin live in Germany. Each of them can make a complaint against the decision of the German Bundestag. The mutual combat was launched for the withdrawal of a decision. Bundestag has not considered the interests of Turks living in Germany and stabbed the peace and justice within Germany`, Akbas told.

`The `Armenian Genocide` propaganda sow seeds of dissension in Germany. Currently, Islamophobia is high in Germany. Now antagonism against Turkey can be added to Islamophobia `, the lawyer said.

Germany`s Bundestag adopted a resolution on recognizing the so-called Armenian genocide June 2. Armenia and the Armenian lobby claim that Turkey`s predecessor, the Ottoman Empire, committed the so-called genocide against Armenians living in Anatolia in 1915. While strengthening the propaganda of "genocide" in the world, Armenians achieved its recognition by parliaments of some countries.

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