First ever e-document signed with “Asan İmza” mobile e-signature between Ukraine and Azerbaijan

  07 October 2016    Read: 1300
First ever e-document signed with “Asan İmza” mobile e-signature between Ukraine and Azerbaijan
The 3rd international “PKI Forum Ukraine 2016” ends today in Kiev, Ukraine, which is the information venue for discussion and exchange of best practices in the spheres of PKI, e-ID and trust services between international experts and representatives of government sector, business and public unions, reports citing Azertag.
The audience of the forum consists of the representatives of public authorities, cybersecurity specialists, e-ID and signature developers, mobile network operators and providers of online payment services as well as private investors.

Azerbaijan was represented at the forum by Mrs. Jana Krimpe, head of “B.EST Solutions”, company-operator of mobile strengthened e-service “Asan İmza”. In her presentation which took place under “From digital Ukraine to single digital market” plenary session, Mrs. Krimpe presented the Azerbaijani mobile ID technology “Asan İmza” and spoke about the advantages and benefits of using this solution in various spheres of public and social life in the country. Sharing the experience of Azerbaijan in the sphere of introduction of e-government and establishment of e-society, she mentioned the rapid growth of digitalization of services rendered by the public and private sectors, which are accessible to citizens via the one-stop-shop model of E-Gov Portal and multiple corporate online platforms mainly of the financial sector. It was noted that all these e-services are available via “Asan İmza” mobile e-signature which represents a PKI-based convenient, ubiquitous and secure solution for online identification and accessing e-services.

Mrs. Krimpe also stated that implementation of mobile strengthened e-signature provides for evolution of e-government towards mobile government since all services can be available by means of a mobile phone with mobile ID service in it.

During the presentation, the principal statistics on usage of “Asan İmza” service were also demonstrated. The participants of the forum were familiarized with the innovative services available with “Asan İmza” of such Azerbaijani public institutions as Ministry of Taxes, State Customs Committee, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, e-Government Portal and “ASAN Payment” portal as well as the financial sector of Azerbaijan.

During the forum the integration of the system of “Asan İmza” mobile strengthened e-signature with the accredited national certification center under Ministry of Justice of Ukraine was demonstrated, which will serve as a technological basis for cross-border interaction of the Azerbaijani and Ukrainian e-signature ecosystems. Thus, for the first time in the world a memorandum of cooperation was signed electronically by means of mobile e-signature with the national certificate of the Ukrainian citizen based on “Asan İmza” technology on one side, and with “Asan İmza” mobile e-signature of the Azerbaijani citizen on another side. Also, the pilot version of the Ukrainian mobile e-signature (based on “Asan İmza”) functioning with the Ukrainian certificate was introduced with the support of the national root certification center of Ukrainian Ministry of Justice, “Asan” certification services center of Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes and the integrator of “Asan İmza” service – “B.EST Solutions” company.

It is worth to mention that in light of attractive export potential, the technology of “Asan İmza” is constantly presented at various international industry events under the slogan “Made in Azerbaijan”. “B.EST Solutions” actively participates at such events worldwide with an aim of presenting the achievements of Azerbaijan in the field of exploitation of the advanced mobile identity and signing tool as well as its interaction with various public and private e-platforms.

At present, the “Asan İmza” mobile ID service successfully functions within the single e-government concept in Azerbaijan and is being more widely used in the electronic systems of private service providers such as banks, insurance companies, online payment portals and etc.

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