Malaysia Airlines site hacked by `Cyber Caliphate`

  26 January 2015    Read: 680
Malaysia Airlines site hacked by `Cyber Caliphate`
Malaysia Airline`s official website was hacked Sunday by a group calling itself "Lizard Squad" and "Cyber Caliphate."
The people behind the hack of the U.S. Central Command`s Twitter and YouTube accounts earlier this month also called themselves Cyber Caliphate and claimed to be allied with the Islamic State.

The airline, already reeling from the loss of two flights last year with 537 people on board, acknowledged the hack in a tweet from their official Twitter account.

Users logging onto the Malaysia Airlines website found an image of a lizard wearing a top hat and a message reading "404 — plane not found." A message below the image read, "Hacked by Lizard Squad — official Cyber Caliphate."

When the site was initially hacked Sunday, users saw an image of a Malaysia Airlines plane in flight with a caption reading, "404 -- plane not found. Hacked by Cyber Caliphate," with no mention of the Lizard Squad.

The tab above the browser read "ISIS will prevail." The tab later read "Lizard Squad will prevail."

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