Possibility of launching “Mobile ID” based on “Asan İmza” discussed in Ukraine

  15 February 2017    Read: 969
Possibility of launching “Mobile ID” based on “Asan İmza” discussed in Ukraine
The event arranged by the State Agency for E-government of Ukraine took place on February 7-8 in Kiev whereby the questions of implementing the mobile e-signature (“Mobile ID”) in Ukraine was discussed by the representatives of the Agency, mobile operators and international experts.
Taking into account the level of mobile technology penetration in everyday life and professional activity, a tendency of new mobile standards technology deployment such as 3G and LTE, as well as increased demand for smartphones, a “Mobile ID” technology looks like one of the most promising in the context of providing citizens with electronic services by both the State and commercial enterprises. “Mobile ID” provides for mobile e-signature incorporated into a SIM-card, which will serve as a personality identifier to create a legally relevant electronic documents.

“For Ukraine, this innovative project can be truly a breakthrough for the digital market development. And I am very glad that we gave the official start of the second and the last stage of the two months’ pilot project to introduce “Mobile ID”, within the joint meeting of the Agency`s representatives, the mobile operator “Kiyvstar” and international experts represented by Alexander Ryzhenko, Victoria Shevchenko, Vladimir Ostashchuk and Yana Krimpe. Let me also remind you that we already demonstrated “Mobile ID” opportunities at the end of 2016 within the electronic services of the State Land Cadastre. So I am sure that 2017 will be the year of “Mobile ID” implementation in Ukraine,” Deputy Chairman of the State Agency for e-government of Ukraine Aleksiy Vyskub said in the conclusion of the meeting.

It should be noted that a working visit of the Ukrainian delegation, consisting of representatives of public and private entities of Ukraine, such as the State Agency for e-Government, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and “Kiyvstar” mobile operator took place at the end of the last year. The main objective was familiarization with Azerbaijan`s experience in e-services and advanced technologies used in the provision of public services. During the visit, Ukrainian guests held meetings at the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic, The State Agency for Citizens’ Service and Social Innovation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Azercell Telecom” and “B.EST Solutions” companies. During the meeting special attention was paid to the issues related to “Asan İmza” mobile strengthened e-signature service. In particular, such topics as the general architecture of Azerbaijan mobile identity ecosystem, the relationship between the system components based on the public-private partnerships, innovative electronic services available via the mobile e-signature, etc. were discussed. Also the analogue of “Asan İmza” technology with the ability to sign a document with the national certificate of digital signature of Ukraine in pilot mode was demonstrated in September 2016 during “PKI Forum”. The pilot signing of the document between Azerbaijan and Ukraine was supported by the “B.EST Solutions” company, “Asan İmza” service operator, certification center of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and certification center of “ASAN” of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Through this cooperation issuing the citizen’s national certificate has been tested in Ukraine based on the Azerbaijan “Asan İmza” mobile e-signature.

During the event in Kiev, Yana Krimpe, a head of “B.EST Solutions” company, which is operator of “Asan İmza” mobile strengthened e-signature service, mentioned that being the most secure digital identity technology in the world, the “Asan İmza” technology in electronic service prevents any risk of unauthorized access to the users’ personal data, since all the information required for service activation is known by the user only. During the multilateral meetings with mobile operators in Ukraine and the state bodies, Yana Krimpe stressed the high level of technology service providers in Ukraine, their competence in electronic digital signature and high readiness of the market to provide innovative services.

“The “B.EST Solutions” company and “Asan İmza” team are intensively working towards the export of Azerbaijani technology to neighboring countries. “Asan İmza” will allow “Mobile ID” in Ukraine to get the same advantages which are currently available to citizens of Azerbaijan,” Yana Krimpe mentioned.

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