Opposition says Ukraine

  02 February 2015    Read: 934
Opposition says Ukraine
A "purely military scenario" cannot settle the conflict in Donbas, and the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine
He said the agenda of the parliament’s meeting on February 4 has the opposition’s draft statement, where "basic positions offer opportunities for settling the conflict by political and diplomatic means."

"Those are, first of all, direct negotiations with the Russian Federation, use of peacekeeping contingent and asking the UN to separate the fighting sides, resuming social payments in Donbas in territories, which today are not controlled by (Kiev’s) authorities," he said.

The document offers a mechanism to settle "the first phase of the military conflict," he added. "The parliament should also demonstrate political initiative and should send a peacekeeping address for organization of very complicated negotiations, which continue in the Minsk format," the legislator said.

He also initiated an address to Russia’s parliament (State Duma) asking for inter-parliamentary hearings about the situation, so that "from the parliamentarian point of view to give an impetus to the negotiations, which president holds with involvement of authorized representatives."

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