Azerbaijani human rights activist condemns inappropriate use of force against demonstrators in Germany and Turkey

  03 June 2013    Read: 177
Azerbaijani human rights activist condemns inappropriate use of force against demonstrators in Germany and Turkey
The use of excessive and inappropriate force for dispersing protests is unacceptable, the chairman of the Azerbaijani National Branch of the International Society for Human Rights Saadat Bananyarly said, commenting on the use of violence against peaceful demonstrators in Turkey and Germany in recent days.
"We condemn the use of inadequate force to disperse demonstrators in Germany and Turkey," Bananyarly said.
The Council of Europe and other international organizations called on the Turkish government for the non-use of inadequate force against protesters, she said.

"This is not the first time. Human rights activists have always called for the non-use of inappropriate force in dispersal of protests taking place in France, Germany and other European countries," the human rights activist said.

Water cannons and tear gas should not be used to disperse the rallies, Bananyarly said.

"There are other methods for that. If people protest, the government should listen to them and sit down at the negotiating table," she said.

The countries setting an example to other states, including Germany, surely have problems with violations of human rights, and human rights activists are constantly discussing the issue with the organizations in Germany, expressing their views and positions, Bananyarly added.

The protests against the tree felling in the Gezi park in the center of Istanbul have been held for several days. The central Taksim Square is being reconstructed there. The police are using tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. It became known on May 31 evening that the court suspended the reconstruction of ancient military barracks on the square. Therefore, the trees must be cut down in the Gezi park.

On May 31, the activists of the Blockupy anti-capitalist movement tried to disrupt the work of the European Central Bank, located in the business district of Frankfurt am Main. Blockupy is acting, in particular, against the policy of economy in Europe, the banking speculations with food and housing rental rate increase.

Policemen detained buses with protesters, as well as journalists. All central streets of the city were cordoned off by police. The reinforced police groups with dogs and water cannons were introduced.

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