Sweden to deport world's oldest refugee

  19 August 2017    Read: 992
Sweden to deport world's oldest refugee
The Swedish Migration Agency rejected the asylum application and ruled for the deportation of a 106-year-old Afghan woman, who is blind, confined to bed and believed to be the world's oldest refugee.
According to the report of Sweden's public radio broadcaster, the agency denied the asylum request of Bibikhal Uzbek, who has been living in the city of Skaraborg in Western Gothland region for a year.

Uzbek has the right to appeal the agency's decision, which said that northern Afghanistan's Kunduz, Uzbek's hometown where heavy clashes take place between Afghan security forces and Taliban, is safe for the return of Uzbek family.

Fleeing from her war-torn country, Uzbek arrived in Croatia last year along with her family. Upon examining her documents, Croatian police announced that the woman is 105-years-old.

Uzbek was first noticed at a refugee camp in Opatovac, Croatia, near the border with Serbia. She was carried on a stretcher by her family members for most of the time during her journey.

She later arrived in Sweden to file an asylum request.

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