ISIS secrets revealed in video as 200 jihadis blown to pieces

  08 September 2017    Read: 3466
ISIS secrets revealed in video as 200 jihadis blown to pieces
FOOTAGE captured more than 100 bombs, troves of suicide belts and weapons left behind after more than 200 ISIS terrorists were killed.
Devastating air strikes by Russian cruise missiles in ISIS stronghold Deir al-Zor – where jihadists were holed up after being pushed out of Raqqa Province in Syria – obliterated hundreds of the jihadi fighters.

Video footage captured the moment the death cult terrorists were obliterated by the bombs.

Now, a new video has revealed a stash of guns, tanks and secret tunnels the jihadis kept hidden at the site.

The footage released by the Russian Defence Ministry shows a massive network of underground tunnels used by terrorists to stock weapons, ammunition and as living quarters.

Syrian troops clearing the area also discovered a huge haul of weapons, food and medicine supplies left by the fleeing terrorists.

They also abandoned four armed pick-up trucks over 100 improvised explosives devices, suicide belts and land mines, the ministry said.

The missile strike launched from the Russian frigate in the Mediterranean Sea was key to the breaking of the three-year siege of the city of Deir ez-Zor.

The evil regime’s base in the Middle East is slowly eroding having already been drive out of Mosul in Iraq.

And forces fighting ISIS in Syria are driving to wipe out the jihadi fighters once and for all.

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