More sleep, better sex the key to happiness, more money not so much

  20 September 2017    Read: 1008
More sleep, better sex the key to happiness, more money not so much
A new happiness index, developed by Oxford Economics and the National Center for Social Research, and commissioned by Sainsbury’s, the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, has found that sex and sleep are the two things that have the strongest association with a person’s happiness and wellbeing.
Surprise, surprise. It turns out, money really does not buy happiness.

The study polled 8,250 British people and gave the participants an average Living Well score based on their survey responses.

The study's findings show that those who get the most sleep scored 15 points higher on the index than those not getting enough Z's. Similarly, participants dissatisfied with their sex lives scored seven points lower than those claiming they're sexually satisfied, meaning that they're happy with the quality and frequency of the sex they're having.

On the other hand, increasing household income from £12,500 to £50,000 only increased happiness by a measly two points.

So, because your happiness may depend on it, it may be time to stop working so hard in hopes of a raise and instead have better quality sex followed by those much-needed naps.

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