Top cabinet ministers plotting against Theresa May revealed

  25 September 2017    Read: 859
Top cabinet ministers plotting against Theresa May revealed
The four most senior figures in Theresa May’s cabinet plotted to remove her following the botched June election, and some continued to plan for leadership bids even after pledging allegiance to her, according to a bombshell new political book, reports citing the Independent.
Extracts published in The Sunday Times claimed Boris Johnson, Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd and David Davis were embroiled in plots from the moment it became clear Ms May had lost her party’s majority.

Chancellor Mr Hammond is said to have texted Mr Johnson in the early hours of the morning following the election, to say he would support him as the next leader.

The book’s author and the newspaper’s political editor, Tim Shipman, claims a “triumvirate” plan was hatched, under which Mr Johnson would lead, Brexit Secretary Mr Davis would handle EU withdrawal and Mr Hammond would run the country’s finances.

But the plan failed, the book says, once it became clear Ms May would not stand down and Mr Davis indicated he would not defer to Mr Johnson.

Even once Ms May’s position appeared more secure, it is claimed, ministers continued to plan for her departure, with Mr Johnson asking a key aide to remain and help run a leadership bid, while a key ally offered a job to a senior figure at Conservative HQ.

Meanwhile, important moderates including David Cameron, John Major, George Osborne and Ruth Davidson are said to have gathered behind Ms Rudd, with the Home Secretary reportedly saying she was keen to run.

The book, entitled Fall Out: A Year Of Political Mayhem, also claims Ms May brought in Damian Green in a bid to quell plotting, after her Chief Whip informed her of its extent and reach into the cabinet.

After the Grenfell Fire disaster led to more criticism against Ms May, four former ministers are said to have joined forces to make her resign, with an ally of David Davis said to be involved.

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