18 people dead after train collides with passenger bus in Russia

  06 October 2017    Read: 824
18 people dead after train collides with passenger bus in Russia
18 people died in a crash after a train hit a bus which had stuck on railways in Vladimir region, Russia, according to the local law enforcement.
A shuttle train hit a passenger bus in Russia's Vladimir region east of Moscow, killing more than ten people, the regional interior ministry said early Friday.

At least 18 people were killed in a crash, according to Vladimir region governor's spokesperson.

The Russian investigative committee’s Moscow department for transport said earlier that at least 17 people died in the collision.

An emergency source has told Sputnik a child was among the dead.

A central hospital that is caring for those hurt in the collision has told Sputnik five people have been admitted, four in critical condition.

Authorities said the bus drove into the path of the train on a railway crossing at the red traffic light. The Moscow railway authority issued a statement saying the vehicle broke down.

"Tonight, at 3:39 a.m. a bus was passing a railway crossing near the Pokrov station when the engine stalled," its press office said.

A spokesperson of the Vladimir governor said the bus had a Kazakh license plate and the passengers were from Uzbekistan. The regional authorities identified 15 victims as Uzbek nationals.

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