E-signatures to be free for Azerbaijani citizens from 2018

  19 October 2017    Read: 483
E-signatures to be free for Azerbaijani citizens from 2018
Electronic signatures will be free for Azerbaijani citizens starting 2018, a source close to the matter told Trend.
Currently, for Azerbaijani citizens the cost of e-signatures issued for three years is 18 manats. In addition, individuals and legal entities engaged in entrepreneurial activities can get e-signatures for 36 manats and 72 manats, respectively, while employees of state institutions can get them for 58 manats.

The source noted that it is planned to issue new identity cards in Azerbaijan from January 2018, and given the fact that e-signatures will be integrated into IDs, citizens will be able to get them for free.

“The validity of e-signature certificate in new IDs will be 5 years. Upon completion of the specified period, it will only be necessary to extend the certificate’s validity period. There will be no fees for integration of an e-signature in the ID card. That is, digital signatures will be issued free of charge,” the source said.

E-signature simplifies the access of citizens to electronic services of state institutions that are available on the Electronic Government Portal. Currently, 353 e-services of the total number of approved e-services (455) are integrated into the portal.

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