Named the main expectation of Azerbaijan from the summit of the Eastern Partnership

  24 October 2017    Read: 893
Named the main expectation of Azerbaijan from the summit of the Eastern Partnership
"For Azerbaijan, the main issue today is the declaration of the EU Eastern Partnership Summit to be held in Brussels in November. As the declaration of the Riga summit of 3 years ago did not reflect the position of Azerbaijan, it contained double standards", - the Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Mahmud Mammadguliyev told reporters today.
According to the Deputy Minister, the Riga Summit expressed support for the resolution of conflicts in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia within the territorial integrity of these states: "Regarding Azerbaijan, it was said that there is the OSCE Minsk Group, which is negotiating, and that the decision adopted in the future will be supported. We expressed our disagreement, noting that Azerbaijan will not give its consent, and because of lack of consensus, the declaration will not be adopted. Then, high-level talks took place, a consensus was reached after we expressed our position. Therefore, we wish that such a nuance will not happen again in the future".

The deputy minister noted that today a new global strategy for the EU has been adopted: "This strategy indicates that the EU supports the territorial integrity, sovereignty and inviolability of the borders of all partner countries, including Azerbaijan and Georgia."

M. Mammadguliyev noted that the current draft of the declaration reflects support for the settlement of all conflicts within the framework of territorial integrity and sovereignty: "Currently, all countries, including Azerbaijan, submit their proposals. We'll see how it goes".

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