Top secret CIA files reveal US plan to start a WAR with Russia

  29 November 2017    Read: 2655
Top secret CIA files reveal US plan to start a WAR with Russia
TOP secret CIA documents have exposed a US plan to start a war with Russia by tricking the public with a fake attack.
Declassified government files reveal Washington were planning how to trigger conflict with Moscow by buying up planes used by the Soviet Union.

These aircraft would the be used in a “provocation operation” in which they would appear to attack the US.

Government bosses would then be able to use it as an “excuse for a US intervention”, the CIA document reveals.

The revelation comes as part of the JFK file dump as US President Donald Trump allowed thousands of Cold War-era files to be opened to the public.

Most of the files cover the assassination of John F Kennedy, but they also cover other shocking secrets hidden by the CIA.

Secret files describe a meeting of the “Special Group” in which US official discuss a plan proposed by JFK’s brother Bobby Kennedy, the US Attorney General.

Kennedy suggested buying or building copies of Soviet fighter planes such as MIG 17s, MIG 19s, and IL 14s, in case they needed to stage an attack by the Russians.

The meeting is dated March 22, 1962, and suggested it was cost up £33 million ($44 million) to make passable fakes.

SOVIET UNION: The US and Russia were locked in a nuclear arms race until the end of the Cold Wa

TOP SECRET: Declassified CIA files reveal the US plan to buy or build planes used by Soviets

The CIA document suggests the planes could be used in a "provocation operation in which Soviet aircraft would appear to attack US or friendly installations to provide an excuse for US intervention”.

It is also suggested the planes could be used to confuse enemy planes in combat, or to launch sneak attacks on enemy targets.

US officials deemed making perfect copies of the planes was impossible, but the aircraft could “withstand close examination”.

KENNEDYS: Bobby suggested the false flag plan around 18 months before his brother JFK died

The Soviet Union and US were locked int he Cold War from 1947 to 1991 as the sat in a nuclear stand-off.

Each side came dangerously close to war with the world just one wrong move away from nuclear holocaust.

JFK assassination was one of the key moments in the Cold War, with secret files revealing Lee Harvey Oswald met with the KGB months before he killed the US President.

The original article was published in the Daily Star.

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