"ASAN Visa" to issue multiple entry e-visa

  29 December 2017    Read: 2558
"ASAN Visa" to issue multiple entry e-visa
"ASAN Visa" system will issue multiple entry e-visa for foreigners visiting Azerbaijan, AzVision.az reports. The issue on changes to Migration Code was discussed in plenary session of Azerbaijani parliament today.
In accordance with the first clause of the 38th article, foreigners wishing to visit Azerbaijan are able to get e-visa through "ASAN Visa" system. Duration of stay is 30 days on single entry visa. According to the new change, this duration of stay is determined 90 days for multiple entry visas.

38th clause of Migration Code enables foreigners visiting Azerbaijan to acquire e-visa. According to the current regulation, e-visa is issued for single entry and duration of stay is 30 days.

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