US celebrities campaign against sexual harassment

  02 January 2018    Read: 1355
US celebrities campaign against sexual harassment
More than 300 entertainment industry players aim to raise awareness, funds to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.
More than 300 actresses, directors and writers launched a campaign Monday against sexual harassment in U.S. workplaces and a drive for gender equality.

Celebrities including Natalie Portman and Emma Stone are spearheading a campaign called "Time's Up" to fight systematic sexual harassment in the film industry and other sectors.

The campaign has already raised $13 million in donations so far, which will be used to "help survivors of sexual assault and harassment across all industries challenge those responsible for the harm against them and give voice to their experiences", according to an open letter published by the campaign as a full-page ad in The New York Times and the Spanish-language La Opinion newspaper.

Harassment allegations against U.S. filmmaker Harry Weinstein, actor Kevin Spacey and many other famous figures have been in the media spotlight for several months.

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