One of the most promising drugs for Alzheimer's disease fails in clinical trials

  10 January 2018    Read: 881
One of the most promising drugs for Alzheimer's disease fails in clinical trials
More than 400 clinical tries failed to cure Alzheimer’s disease over the course of time, but researchers had high hopes with idalopirdine, a substance that was recently discovered. The drug was meant to stop the disease from progressing, but after the trial, it turned out to be just another disappointment, Healththoroughfare reports.
Curing Alzheimer’s is a hard challenge considering that scientists didn’t manage to control the progress of the disease, not even to give hope to a better life to those who are suffering. The trial for idalopirdine included nearly 2600 people in more than 30 countries. It was expected to improve the daily functioning of patients, but it failed to bring any changes in cognitive tests.

No Hopes For The Future

Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s lack serotonin, so the drug was designed to increase this substance and acetylcholine, norepinephrine and glutamate. Although at the beginning of the trial was still hope for the drug to work, after 24 weeks there was no improvement in tested patients.

Besides idalopirdine, another drug called intepirdine was in its experimental stage. Both drugs were tested in the trial, hoping that the combination will prove to be successful. The company that’s producing this substance said in 2017 that it won’t be available in the USA as they don’t wish for their product to be evaluated for this specific market.

5.5 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s in the US so some scientists think that they should concentrate more on improving the lives of those who already have it, rather than investing time and money in a miraculous drug that won’t be invented any time soon. The plan for the future includes convincing people who are in early stages of the disease to enroll in clinical trials and help prevent the disease rather than waiting for a cure.

After this fail, it’s hard even for the scientists to remain optimistic in front of the disease considering that they aren’t making any progress towards finding a cure.

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