Terror attacks triple after Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem

  11 January 2018    Read: 658
Terror attacks triple after Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem
Figures released by security service show 249 incidents in December, most of them firebombings, compared to 84 in November.
New statistics released by the Shin Bet security service revealed the number of security incidents in Israel and the West Bank tripled following US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Throughout the month of December, there were 249 terror attacks in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel, as compared to 84 in November and 71 in October.

The most serious of these were two stabbing attacks, one at the Jerusalem bus station in which a security guard was stabbed in the heart and seriously wounded, and the second during a violent protest on the outskirts of Ramallah when a man wearing a fake suicide bomb vest, stabbed a Border Police officer in the shoulder, moderately injuring him.

In its monthly report, the security service did not connect the increase to Trump’s announcement or to any other motivator. However, last month, the head of the Shin Bet Nadav Argaman said Trump’s declaration contributed to the unrest in the West Bank.

The army said the total number of significant terror attacks in the West Bank plummeted to 99 in 2017, from 269 in 2016 and 226 in 2015. Those earlier numbers were largely a product of a wave of stabbing and ramming attacks that began in October 2015 and lasted several months.

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