January 20 tragedy commemorated in Italy

  20 January 2018    Read: 1441
January 20 tragedy commemorated in Italy
Azerbaijan’s Embassy to Italy joinly with Rome’s Sapienza University organized an event dedicated to the 28th anniversary of January 20 tragedy.

The event was attended by representatives of Italy’s scientific and academic circles, experts on Azerbaijan and the region, journalists, members of Azerbaijani community, including student from Azerbaijan and other countries receiving education at Italian universities.
Addressing the event, Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Italy Mammad Ahmadzada informed the participants about the processes resulting from Armenia’s territorial claims against Azerbaijan beginning from the late 1980s, the bitter consequences of the January 20 tragedy, the role of national leader Heydar Aliyev in bringing the truth about this tragedy to the world attention and its political and legal assessment. He also spoke about the influence of this tragedy on the strive of Azerbaijani people for independence, the path of our country through the years of independence and the current realities.

Researcher of the Mediterranean Research Center, Doctor of Historical Sciences Federiko De Renzi mostly spoke about the injustice faced by Azerbaijan. He explained this injustice against the backdrop of reprisals against Azerbaijani civilians protesting January 20, as well as the occupation of Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh and seven surrounding districts by Armenia. He especially focused on the atrocities and crimes committed against Azerbaijan during all those events.

Associate professor and researcher at the Sapienza University Daniel Pommier spoke about the stages of history leading to the Black January, the double standards applied to Azerbaijan during and after those events, ethnic and religious discrimination in relation to Azerbaijanis. Noting that Azerbaijan is a country of secular values and dynamic public community, Pommier said that the attention to education in the country and the growing number of Azerbaijani students in Italy, including the Sapienza University, testify to this.

A documentary on the Black January was shown following the speeches.

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