Couple get married 400 feet in the air over a canyon in Utah

  25 January 2018    Read: 1030
Couple get married 400 feet in the air over a canyon in Utah

An adventurous Californian couple exchanged their vows on a space net suspended 400 feet above a canyon in Utah.

Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin, who are both avid fans of slacklining – the act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing similar to tightrope walking – decided to tie the knot in November last year.

But when it came to saying I do, the couple went above and beyond with a wedding in the sky.

Held in Moab, Utah at the high-lining festival GGBY where the pair got engaged, they decided to transform the traditional ceremony of marriage into something that represented every last detail of their relationship.

In the middle of the desert, Jenks’ best man engineered a multi-coloured space net 400 feet above the ground where the happy couple got married.

But, instead of saying “I do’s”, the newlyweds exchanged “hell yeahs”.

Surrounded by canyons, the ceremony even included aerial artists performing on silks underneath the net while 10 base jumping flower girls wearing tutus jumped off one-by-one releasing petals as they fell.

What’s more, the couple forwent traditional wedding rings in favour of handmade soft shackles – a piece of gear used to rig highlines – crafted to look like a diamond and flower.

Sharing the incredible photos of their big day on Instagram, Weglin wrote a heartwarming letter to her new husband.

“One of my favourite parts about our relationship is that we share the same passions and attitudes towards life,” she explained.

“I love that I can share this space with @slackinhigh, above the quiet abyss, with no questions asked, and with full calm and understanding.

“Between all the highlining and adventuring we have done over the past three years, we have found ourselves constantly putting our lives into each other’s hands (i.e. trusting their rigging, trusting that they’re spotting or belaying you correctly, trusting that they care enough to be attentive, double check their work, and keep you safe, etc.)

“From that I believe we have developed a really special bond and a really strong trust in one another. Our adventures remind us to LIVE together. To be lighthearted and not waste our short time on this Earth squabbling about petty things and “problems” that we don’t really have.”

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