ASALA terrorists are believed killed In “Olive branch” op – Turkish expert (EXCLUSIVE)

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ASALA terrorists are believed killed In “Olive branch” op – Turkish expert (EXCLUSIVE)
“We are aware of the links between the PKK terrorist organization and the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA)”, Turkish security and anti-terrorism expert Abdullah Agar said in his interview to

Turkey-led anti-terror operation Olive Branch continues successfully in Syria’s PKK/PYD-occupied Afrin. The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) had neutralized 790 terrorists since the beginning of the operation and liberated 27 settlements. The Turkish officials state they will continue the Afrin operation until all terrorist elements are cleared from the region.

- What will “Olive branch” operation bring to Turkey? Does ASALA terrorist group support PKK in Afrin?

- The anti-terrorism operation in Afrin continues successfully as planned. It is of great importance to keep civilian casualties and the human cost to a minimum in this operation. Prior to the operation, we knew that PKK terrorists had held training here. We identified many weapons in Afrin. The Turkish Armed Forces are aware of the possibilities of weapons, mines and tunnels, which has walls 90 centimetres (3 feet) thick before beginning the operation. In this regard, Turkey’s army has carefully launched the military operation. Currently, the army moves forward step by step seizing the hills. Turkish army conducts a half-moon shaped operation in the northeast and southwest direction.

– Do you think it is possible to uproot the PKK terrorist organization during these operations?

– The operations do not only aim to eliminate PKK in Afrin district. The main goal of Turkey is to destroy the PKK in the region. We know it is hard. Thus, Turkey does not only fight against the PKK in this region, but also struggles against the international powers supporting the organization.

– When will “Olive Branch” operations end?

– It is not possible to predict when the operation will end. Because the current parameters are very variable. On the one hand, There are three various territories, including mountainous areas, inhabited areas and relatively flat areas. On the other hand, the situation in the territory can change at any time. There can be foreign intervention and manipulation. Therefore, it is not right to tell an exact date. The Turkish Armed Forces are holding a cautious operation in the region by eliminating all the dangers and threats. Therefore, predicting a date is not right.

– There are some reports that not only PKK, but also Armenian terrorists fight against Turkish forces in Afrin. What can you say in this regard?

– We see our culture and belief have been targeted. Besides, the enemy also targets our friends and compatriots. The fight is against not only the PKK, but also the evil forces, which support this terrorist organization. We started to combat the PKK before ending the struggle with the ASALA terrorist organization. In fact, we are aware of the fact that there is a link between the PKK and the ASALA. This link is also reflected in Karabakh as well. There is a PKK-ASALA cooperation in Syria and Iraq. After all, it is obvious both Turkey and Azerbaijan have been targeted.


Eldar Tanriverdiyev

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