Women who protect us - PHOTOS

  02 February 2018    Read: 3714
Women who protect us - PHOTOS
Women “with stars” used to be “black swans”, but women serving in the police or the military is no surprise for anyone anymore. We would like to present a “collection” of ladies, guarding the public order in all corners of the world, AzVision.az reports citing Defence.az.

Some 50 years ago, women in the police and army were considered an exception to the rule, whereas now there are more and more ladies, who decide to dedicate their lives to serving. 

Their roles have also changed, they are no longer in charge of “paper” work, but patrol the city streets, direct traffic, protect their country in trenches with machine guns in their hands and fight terrorists among special operations units. These are women, who are not only the adornments of uniformed services, but fearless soldiers and police officers. We may come across them all over the world. Azerbaijani women have also made the list of guardians.



Iraqi Kurdistan




The United States



France, Paris

The United Kingdom

Irag, Baghdad



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