Key to perfect skin could lie in your star sign

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Key to perfect skin could lie in your star sign
A glowing, even-toned complexion — it’s what we all aspire to. But while some women only need to glance at a pot of moisturiser to look radiant, many of us find it somewhat harder to achieve, no matter how religiously we cleanse and tone.

At last, however, the mystery behind great skin has been solved — apparently, it’s all down to our star signs! According to astrologer Stella Hyde, the zodiac sign you were born under can result in very different grooming habits. Here, she identifies the traits for each star sign and advises women how to tweak their regimes to achieve that true glow.

March 21 — April 20

YOU ARE: As a fire sign, you’re all about action and getting out there, so you’ve little time for a decent skincare regime. Forget long soaks in the bath, you’re in and out of the shower in minutes, and everything on your shelves can multi-task: two-in-one shampoos and conditioners; wipes that cleanse, tone and moisturise; creams that promise to fight all the signs of ageing.

YOU SHOULD: Slow down. Consider the efficacy of products, not just how much time they save you. Some cleansing wipes just move dirt around the face. Drink more, too: Aries are prone to headaches, perhaps because they’re too busy to keep hydrated. When it comes to relaxation (stress will contribute to a grey, drawn complexion), you’ll never sign up to a day at the spa, but try an Indian head massage, which is relaxing yet not time-consuming.

April 21 — May 21

YOU ARE: Sensuous, materialistic and unimaginative, your love of routine is such that it would take an earthquake to keep you from performing your daily beauty regime with tried-and-tested products. You insist on eight hours’ sleep a night and the most expensive lotions.

YOU SHOULD: Branch out. Formulations have become far more sophisticated — have you even heard of BB creams? — so ditch your old favourites and experiment with new products. And start buying cosmetics for more mature skin: the chances are, you’ve aged quite a bit since you first started moisturising.

May 22 — June 22

YOU ARE: Charming and suave, you know how important it is to look good and love to be trendy. Your sign’s innate curiosity means your bathroom cupboard is packed with the latest innovations. You really don’t like to be held down, so you choose spritzers and sprays over heavy lotions.

YOU SHOULD: Stop throwing every product by Space NK at your face! Work out which ones improve your skin and stick with them. As you’re always on the move (Geminis love to travel), pack a good sunscreen — you never know when you’ll next step off a plane into 30 C heat.

June 23 — July 23

YOU ARE: Ruled by the Moon, your mood waxes and wanes. When it’s full, you’ll be pampering at the spa for hours; two weeks later, you can barely be bothered to wash. As a water sign, your body responds to your emotions, leaving you with patches of rough, puffy skin when you’re upset. As a Cancer, you like thick cleaning creams and oils that keep your ‘shell’ shiny.

YOU SHOULD: Your body changes throughout the lunar — and menstrual — cycle, so be ready to beef up your beauty regime. Have a rich moisturiser ready for when your skin feels parched, but be aware that, on other days, you can look marvellous with barely a splash of water.

July 24 — August 23

YOU ARE: Always camera-ready, you’re a drama queen who knows you owe it to your public to look amazing at all times. That means a well-honed beauty regime is needed — not that Leos mind, of course, because, like every big cat, they just love to spend hours grooming. Luxury products appeal — in particular anything containing crushed gems or flakes of gold.

YOU SHOULD: Stop being so heavy on the make-up — what looks good on stage can make you look like a clown in the street. And remember, you’re not on show all the time: a day off the stage paint won’t harm you. Let your skin have a rest.

August 24 — September 23

YOU ARE: Very health conscious, you research everything and have a complicated beauty routine — unless a product’s hypoallergenic and organic, and doesn’t contain parabens or other nasties, it won’t be allowed anywhere near your body. Virgos are particularly impressed with any product by a doctor and are the sign most likely to have hand sanitiser in their handbag.

YOU SHOULD: Be less uptight. Occasionally indulge yourself with a product simply because it smells beautiful or feels good on your skin. You never know, it may give you a great result. And treat yourself to clay or mud face packs — brilliant for those born under an Earth sign.

September 24 — October 23

YOU ARE: Someone who likes to look your best all the time, but for different reasons to a Leo: for you, it’s part of the job. Being a Libran, you weigh up what’s best but, ever indecisive, you end up buying them all — that’s why your cupboards are brimming with the priciest lotions and potions.

YOU SHOULD: Use products that cover all bases. That Libran quest for balance means your skin is both oily and dry, so opt for products suitable for combination skin. As an air sign, oxygen therapy facials show great results.

October 24 — November 22

YOU ARE: The control freak in you loves the routine of a beauty regime — which you’ll do even at 3am after a night out — and your sensuality comes alive when you slather yourself in all kinds of exotically spiced unguents. However, as Scorpio is a sign of extremes, you’re just as likely to let yourself go occasionally.

YOU SHOULD: It’s a brave person who tells a Scorpio what to do, but stop being so hard on yourself. Swap the painful hot-stone therapies and harsh exfoliants that strip away skin for more indulgent — and gentle — facials.

November 23 — December 21

YOU ARE: A joyful optimist who’s up for anything and happy to use local beauty products from wherever you are in the world. You don’t stand still for long, and don’t have much time for grooming, so your routine is quick and simple. As you’re sporty and enjoy being outdoors, you get through lashings of lip balm and suncream.

YOU SHOULD: Swap to long-lasting products because you’re just too busy to keep re-applying. The P20 Once A Day Sun Protection Cream and Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream for dry skin should be in your washbag. Be sure to have a makeover once in a while to remind people how beautiful you really are.

December 22 — January 20

YOU ARE: A creature of habit, stuck in an old school cleanse-tone-and-moisturise routine with cheap products because you refuse to spend a lot on something so trivial. You probably use overnight hair masks and creams bought in bulk online, so you can get on with working hard in the day.

YOU SHOULD: Splash out on luxury items occasionally as a treat. And use products with vitamin D. Capricorn rules the bones, so those born under the sign have great bone structures — vitamin D helps the body use calcium, which leaves them even stronger.

January 21 — February 19

YOU ARE: One of life’s eccentrics, you love to experiment with off-the-wall beauty treatments, such as bathing in milk, and are seduced by the new or unusual. You’re fascinated by the scientific claims of beauty products and you research wisely.

YOU SHOULD: As you’re an air sign, who sometimes seem to live on another planet, you’re prone to dry skin, so up your moisturising routine. And sitting down thinking wonderful thoughts all day isn’t good for circulation, so choose products with ingredients to help boost it, such as hawthorn.

February 20 — March 20

YOU ARE: Like a true fish, you’re most at home in the bath — you regard a long soak as therapy, rather than cleansing. Indecisive and with an attention span like a goldfish, your cupboards are bursting with all manner of products. Your forgetfulness means most have dried out because you didn’t put the lid back on.

YOU SHOULD: Once you’ve had a good clear-out, choose one product and follow the label’s instructions to ensure you’re using it correctly, then stick at it so it has time to make a difference. Pisces rules the feet, so have regular pedicures. Fish oil supplements for the skin are also particularly beneficial for your star sign.

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