Turkish military expert: Armenia obviously patronizes terrorists

  17 February 2018    Read: 1765
Turkish military expert: Armenia obviously patronizes terrorists
There are some reports that PKK terrorists flee from Syria’s Afrin to Armenia. According to Armenia’s Jamanak paper, PKK/PYD terrorists fleeing the clashes with the Turkish Army shelter in Armenia crossing the border.

According to other information, Russian servicemen guarding the Armenia-Turkey border do not prevent the PKK terrorists from entering the country.

Turkish expert in counter-terrorist affairs Abdullah Aghar told Azvision.az it isn't secret that Armenia patronizes PKK/PYD terrorists who face defeat in Afrin.

According to the expert, Armenia has a direct relation with the terrorist organizations. “We are aware that the PKK is in relation with Armenia and some forces in this country. Armenia obviously support PKK and terrorists. We have sufficient evidence in this regard. The PKK terrorists from Armenia have been sheltered in Amasiya, Aghri daghi areas and the regions bordering Turkey,” said the expert.

The Turkish expert also stressed that Russian and US media disseminate some provocative information about the Afrin operations: “The results of the Turkish operation in Afrin will be very strategic and geopolitical. All witness the ability and persistence of the Turkish army. This is very important. On the other hand, the PKK is preparing for waging war against Turkey. They are eager to organize treacherous attacks. Despite all these, the Turkish army successfully continues its operations in Afrin. So far, several villages and strategic positions have been freed. Thus, the provocative information in some media cannot prevent the Turkish army. We will continue operations until neutralizing the last terrorist in Afrin.”


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