Juno spacecraft gives you Jupiter as never seen before - VIDEO

  19 March 2018    Read: 1491
Juno spacecraft gives you Jupiter as never seen before - VIDEO

The Juno spacecraft has found that the giant planet Jupiter is full of big surprises; its interior composition and structure seem to be quite different, and its winds even more active, than originally thought. Now, giant cyclones at the planet’s poles have been seen in greater detail than ever before. They are not only stunning, but unique from atmospheric storms of any other planet in our solar system, even other gas and ice giants. Also, other new data from Juno builds on previous findings, including showing that the planet’s strong winds penetrate deep into the atmosphere and last longer than any similar ones on our planet.

The new findings are published (here and here) in the March 8, 2018, edition of the peer-reviewed journal Nature.

In a statement from NASA, Scott Bolton, principal investigator of Juno from the Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, said:

These astonishing science results are yet another example of Jupiter’s curve balls, and a testimony to the value of exploring the unknown from a new perspective with next-generation instruments. Juno’s unique orbit and evolutionary high-precision radio science and infrared technologies enabled these paradigm-shifting discoveries.

Juno is only about one-third the way through its primary mission, and already we are seeing the beginnings of a new Jupiter.



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