Protesters block streets in central Yerevan

  20 April 2018    Read: 970
Protesters block streets in central Yerevan

Opposition activists have blocked streets in downtown Yerevan and neighboring areas, TASS reported from the venue.

The protesters blocked Arshakunyats Avenue and the Victory Bridge (Haghtanak Bridge) in central Yerevan. Three trucks were left by activists to block traffic on the bridge.

"We continue civil disobedience actions. Today we are paralyzing work of the whole government sector," said Sergey Kagramanyan, one of the rally participants and member of the council of elders at the mayor’s office.

Leader of the Civil Contract opposition party Nikol Pashinyan called on his supporters to "paralyze traffic across Yerevan" on Friday morning.

Mass rallies broke out in Yerevan and other Armenian cities on Monday following former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s nomination as prime minister. On Tuesday, Armenia’s parliament elected Sargsyan prime minister. On Thursday, opposition members tried to disrupt the new cabinet of ministers’ meeting, blocking entrances to government facilities and marching down Yerevan streets. About 3,000 people took part in a rally in the evening. As many as 123 people were arrested over the past day.

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