Iran, Azerbaijan to strengthen co-op despite US sanctions 

  19 May 2018    Read: 1013
Iran, Azerbaijan to strengthen co-op despite US sanctions 

Iran and Azerbaijan will strengthen bilateral cooperation despite the present difficult situation on the international arena and the expected US sanctions against Iran, Dr. Ahmad Alireza Beigi, a representative of the parliament of Iran, told Trend.

"Even taking into account the recent events with the US, it is still possible for both Azerbaijan and Iran to strengthen ties. The two countries are engaged in cooperation for a long time, with a common culture and interests, and our cooperation will undoubtedly develop in future. Both countries will continue the expansion of friendly relations, contributing to the regional stability," Beigi said.

He added that the two countries will experience no problems in trade and other spheres of cooperation after the imposition of new US sanctions on Iran.

"Even if nuclear deal had no benefit for us, it overturned the US scenario about Iran. Iran is a powerful country, and the US moves mark nothing more than their defeat from Iran in the Middle East. The world recognizes Iran as a democratic country, which has goodwill in international affairs," Beigi said.

President Trump warned on May 8 that the country will walk away from the nuclear accord of 2015, reached between Tehran and the six world powers. Trump also announced that Washington re-imposes the "highest level of economic sanctions" on the Islamic Republic.

The move has been strongly criticized by other P5+1 members - Moscow, London, Beijing, Paris, Berlin and Brussels, who have confirmed their commitment to the deal.

The agreement was signed on July 14, 2015, and ensured that Iran's nuclear program remains peaceful in exchange for sanctions relief.


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