Three police offers killed by gunmen in Pakistan

  11 August 2018    Read: 1216
Three police offers killed by gunmen in Pakistan

Gunmen killed three police officers in an overnight attack, while a suicide bomber wounded three Chinese engineers and three paramilitary guards in a separate incident, Pakistani officials say.

Faizullah Faraq, a spokesman for the local government of the northern Gilgit-Baltistan territory, says one of the gunmen who attacked the police post was killed in the ensuing shootout late on Friday. Another two police officers were wounded in the attack.

The suicide bomber struck near a bus carrying Chinese engineers from Balochistan to Karachi on Saturday. Hashim Ghilzai, a senior official in the region, confirmed the six wounded.

Militants in Pakistan carry out near-daily attacks, mainly targeting security forces. Most of the attacks have been linked to the Pakistani Taliban and other Islamic extremists.

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