Armenia does not pay compensation to Azerbaijanis 

  07 September 2018    Read: 1221
Armenia does not pay compensation to Azerbaijanis 

On December, 2017, European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) made a decision on the case “Chiragov and others vs Armenia”. According to the decision, the Armenian government has to pay 5 thousand EUR and 28.642 GBP for each complainer. 

Although time given to Armenia by ECHR has come to an end , complainers have not received the payment yet. 

'Correspondence continues with Armenia. The Armenian government does not want to pay the compensation,' Fakhraddin Pashayev, an IDP from Armenian-occupied Lachin region of Azerbaijan told 

A long time has passed since the positive decision (July 16, 2015) of the European Court of Human Rights on Azerbaijani IDP`s complaint - `Chiragov and others v Armenia`. The case covers 6 Azerbaijani refugees` claim against Armenia on April 6, 2005 who have been unable to return to their properties from where they were forced to flee in 1992 during the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh

The European Court ascertained that citizens must reach to an agreement with the responsible state on the amount of compensation during the period of 12 months. If the agreement is not reached, the European court will make a decision on the case. 



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