Azerbaijani Consul General speaks on expanding cooperation with Russia in energy sphere

  20 September 2018    Read: 830
Azerbaijani Consul General speaks on expanding cooperation with Russia in energy sphere

The Consul General of Azerbaijan in Yekaterinburg Ilgar Iskenderov thanked the leadership of the Tyumen region for the invitation to participate in the 9th Tyumen oil and gas forum, TASS reported.

"This invitation and my participation are very significant. The good long-term relations between Azerbaijan and the Tyumen region most visibly embody the life and work in this region of Western Siberia of my countryman Farman Salmanov – the legendary discoverer of Tyumen oil", the diplomat said in an interview with TASS during the forum.

The consul general said the forum is held under the sign of consensus – we all face new challenges, a lot of issues that require joint solution in the context of progressive globalization.

"At the plenary meeting, we listened to the opinions of leading representatives and senior officials of both the Tyumen region and the oil and gas industry,” he said.

“Today, the security of our states, and not only energy security, is mainly based on hydrocarbons. Their production and transit, development of new fields, development and implementation of new ideas and technologies in this area are important for collective discussion – both at the national and international level," he added.

“The following trend is becoming increasingly important - it is becoming easier to transport oil than to produce it, and discussion at the forum of ideas and technologies that contribute to production growth is important for both countries,” the consul noted.

“The science is moving forward, new technologies and developments are emerging, and the cooperation in the oil and gas sector in the future is a priority for us, because the country's economy is based on this sector," Iskenderov said.

He noted that today Azerbaijan can provide its friends in the Russian Federation, in particular in the Tyumen region with the opportunity to consider the possibility of cooperation in the area of both transit transportation of hydrocarbons and development of prospective oil and gas fields.

"Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan are working in this direction. The status and development of the industry is constantly monitored by the leadership of our country. Therefore, we attach great importance to this level and agenda of mutual relations, and today we can say: we have had, have and will have concrete, clear, long-term plans for cooperation and development in the oil and gas industry", he said.

Iskenderov said the oil and gas forum also raises certain humanitarian aspects.

"Here we meet with representatives of the leadership of the Tyumen region. Although our economies are based on the oil and gas industry, we all need to develop non-oil projects as well,” he said.

We have many contacts in the scientific and other spheres. For example, we discuss the development of cooperation in the field of tourism, in the agro-industrial complex – we are rich in fruits and vegetables, and Tyumen is rich in grain, which we do not have in sufficient quantity", the diplomat said.

He also recalled the joint activities in education, and in almost all humanitarian spheres.

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