Tsereteli applauds active role of Azerbaijani parliamentarians in OSCE PA

  25 September 2018    Read: 860
Tsereteli applauds active role of Azerbaijani parliamentarians in OSCE PA

In a visit to Baku last week, OSCE PA President George Tsereteli reiterated the Parliamentary Assembly’s commitment to the South Caucasus and encouraged parliamentarians to play an active role in supporting economic and security co-operation in the region.

President Tsereteli was in Baku on 20 September as Azerbaijan celebrated the 100th anniversary of the country’s first parliament. Tsereteli applauded the active role that parliamentarians from Azerbaijan play within the OSCE PA.

Recalling the singular achievements of its first parliament, President Tsereteli praised Azerbaijan’s transformation into a key international trade partner. He also advocated a greater role for parliamentary diplomacy in easing persistent regional conflicts and in meeting democratic commitments.

“We are reminded today of Azerbaijan’s considerable economic achievements since regaining independence. Yet, modernization needs more than economic progress,” said Tsereteli. “The OSCE PA stands ready to support Azerbaijan – and all of our member countries – in living up to their commitments to create the conditions for a peaceful and prosperous future.”

To contribute to Assembly activities in the region, the Tsereteli is expected to appoint a new Special Representative of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on the South Caucasus region.

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