"Azerbaijani Army takes control the routes leading to Zangezur" - Armenian diversant

  28 September 2018    Read: 2143
"Azerbaijani Army takes control the routes leading to Zangezur" - Armenian diversant

Founder and commander of the Armenian special reconnaissance-subversive detachment, Vova Vartanov expressed concern about the advance of the Azerbaijani army in the direction of Nakhcivan in his interview to the Armenian weekly "Iravunk" newspaper.

On May 2018, the Azerbaijani Army took the control of the Gunnut village of Sharur region, which was occupied by the Armenian Armed Forces in 1992 and 11,000 hectares of the territory have been liberated from the Armenian occupation. 

AzVision.az presents the interview citing the Nuhcixan agency:

- Mr. Vartanov, it remained unclear for the society what the situation has been on the Nakhcivan border, since the Defense Ministry took some experts to get acquainted with the situation on the spot, and they started to refute everything, saying that there's no cause for concern. But no serious military expert has denied the fact that there is worrying movement on the part of the enemy.

- That is why they did not invite me, because they know: I will put it straight. Yes, the situation is alarming, and 100% worrying. Isn't the fact that they have improved their positions, moving forward, alarming? At the same time, they reached the distance from which they can monitor the Yerevan-Meghri route and can direct their artillery there without getting drones in the air. As a result, troops moving along the route, arms and ammunition may come under fire when adjusting fire targets from the ground. If it's not alarming, then what is?

- How many neutral territories have come under the control of Azerbaijan as a result of the movement of Azerbaijani military outposts?

- Near the village of Areni ... how should I say it to avoid panic? There is no cause for concern if the situation is so calm. But in the future, if one day large-scale actions begin, problems will arise. How not to worry, when the enemy monitors your route, which is one of the veins feeding Zangezur, Vayk, Artsakh and, one might say, which is the only one in this direction?

- To this day it is constantly stressed that Azerbaijan liberated 800 hectares of land were during the April battels. Bur this fact disclosed a bit later. Is it possible, after a while it will turn out that Azerbaijan recently liberated several hundred hectares of lands on the direction of Nakhcivan?

- This story is slightly different, and hectares are not the issue here. But I know that we must destroy the enemy's positions in any case, otherwise all the movements of the Armenian army in Nakhchivan will remain under their control.

- Who is to blame for such a situation on the Nakhcivan border?

- Definitely the Ministry of Defense is to blame. Those entrusted with this case is responsible. I do not know why, but Ministry of Defense was passive about the construction work of the Azerbaijan and the gradual preparation of these trenches. Here is the answer. Find the answer yourself.

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