Yazidis issue appeal: In Armenia, our nation is subjected to oppression policy, PKK offices are created

  15 November 2018    Read: 2088
Yazidis issue appeal: In Armenia, our nation is subjected to oppression policy, PKK offices are created

Yazidi Kurds living in Armenia claim that the Yazidi people in Armenia is subjected to oppression policy by the current Pashinyan government like the previous Sargsyan government.

The Yazidis issued a statement protesting against the policy of the Pashinyan government towards ethnic minorities. The statement also includes details about creation and activities of PKK offices in Armenia’s Aragatzotn province, Defence.az reports.

“Right after the change of power following the Velvet Revolution in Armenia, thousands of people were appointed to positions in various settlements. Yazidis form the largest minority in Armenia. However, no Yazidi has been appointed to any position. Although there are many highly-educated Yazidi youngsters in Armenia, they leave the country,” said the appeal.

“There is a national union of Yazidis in Armenia which is presided by Aziz Tamoyan. The government authorities have never had meeting with him. In 1988, Aziz Tamoyan formed a detachment "Jangir Agha" at Yerevan State University. Over 500 volunteer Yazidis fought in Yeraskh as in Karabakh. Yazidis suffered more than 40 losses in these battles. One of them is Karam Sloyan who died in April fights.

Besides, a special team led by Tamoyan was closely involved in eliminating the consequences of the Spitak earthquake. However, the government takes in consideration none of these activities. Like the previous government, the current one also pursues the policy of oppression against Yazidi people.  

For example, there is only one Kurdish family. In this case, Kurdish language is taught in five villages in Aragatzotn province. However, “Yazidi” is noted in Yazidi children's birth certificates.

An office of Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) is operating in Rya Taza village of the same province, which is internationally known as a terrorist party.

Interestingly, both the previous and the current governments turn blind eye to the discrimination against the Yazidi community. For example, our community is ignored in the elections as well.

There is a Kurd in Armenia who is elected a member of the parliament. However, Yazidis are not taken into consideration. In a word, the government ignores the Yazidi national community. In Armenia, national minorities constitute 2%. There is no such a country in the world. As long as it is no late, let the Yazidis elect their candidate. If such a situation continues, this will lead to an emigration from Armenia. A month ago, Yazidi national union nominated its representatives Khidir Hajoyan and religious leader Bro Hasanyan. A month later, personal documents about the candidate were demanded in the office of Civil Contract party in Yerevan on November 7. However, on Nov.9, it was said lists have already been drawn up and it is too late.

We demand that the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan personally require the lists and define the reality. Although the Yazidi union nominated its candidates first, they say it is late. We demand the alleged nomination of four candidates to be declared invalid. Otherwise, we will not recognize the candidate nominated by authorities.

In recent years, the names of villages in Armenia have also been changed. One of them is Amo village of Kotayk province, which is now called Zovuni. No one has the right to decide on our behalf,” said the appeal.

The appeal was signed by Bro Hasanyan (spiritual leader), Khudoyan Mako, Sloyan Karam, Sloyan Khidr, Ajamyan Cholo, Ajamyan Valod, Asoyan Gogo, Ase Aliyan, Surik Avdalyan.

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