Donald Trump disapproval rating among Americans higher than ever - Poll

  28 November 2018    Read: 930
Donald Trump disapproval rating among Americans higher than ever - Poll

Donald Trump’s disapproval rating has spiked to 60 per cent, according to a new poll - tied for the highest disapproval level of his presidency.

This week, disapproval of Mr Trump spiked higher than it has been since December of 2017, and his approval rating dropped to 38 per cent, according to Gallup's weekly job approval tracker.

Usually, disapproval of Mr Trump hovers between 35 and 45 per cent. By comparison, Barack Obama’s approval rating never dropped below 40 per cent in Gallup polls.

Mr Trump is especially unpopular with 18-29 year-olds, who dropped their approval from 35 per cent to 28 per cent.  Since the first Gallup poll on Mr Trump’s presidency, approval has never been higher than disapproval. 

Gallup, which describes itself as a global analytics and advice firm, produces influential analysis on topics such as presidential approval. During weekly phone interviews, Gallup collects survey responses with 1,500 American adults, then charts and reports the results. 

Their margin of error is plus or minus three percent, meaning that Trump’s disapproval could actually be somewhere between 57 and 63 percent.

However, not all polls agree with the assessment. FiveThirtyEight weighs a variety of polls and puts them together based on their accuracy assessment. To determine presidential approval, FiveThirtyEight combines data from Gallup, Harris Interactive, YouGov, Rasmussen Reports/Pulse Opinion Research, and American Research Group, assigning weight based on accuracy.

The organisation estimates that Mr Trump’s approval is at 43.5 per cent, and is disapproval is at 53.0 percent. 

Mr Trump has claimed in the past that his approval ratings had eclipsed those of Mr Obama, but they have not. In January, Mr Trump also claimed that his approval rating among African Americans has doubled, but it has not. 

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