Armenia plays “election” game: vice speaker of Azerbaijani parliament

  10 December 2018    Read: 1210
Armenia plays “election” game: vice speaker of Azerbaijani parliament

Armenia played an “election” game, said vice speaker of the Azerbaijani parliament, Bahar Muradova, reports citing Trend.

She was commenting on the early parliamentary election held in Armenia Dec. 9.

Muradova noted that all steps were taken in Armenia so that this election brings the desired result, individuals and organizations that could prevent this were isolated, and citizens were sufficiently intimidated.

“At the election held, actions were taken according to the “prime minister’s candidacy is already determined no matter how election ends” principle and a well-known result found its confirmation in Armenia,” she said. “I think the attitude of Armenian citizens to this issue is obvious, and they should decide themselves whether they want to live and work under the leadership of political showmen. It is their life, their internal matter, however, in any case, we are concerned and interested in the events taking place in the region.”

She added that various centers, international organizations evaluating the election results, including the OSCE, should demonstrate an objective position on the extraordinary parliamentary election in Armenia.

“They should express their objective attitude towards this election, accompanied by appeals full of pressure and threats,” she said.

Muradova also said she doesn’t think that there will be serious changes in the settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict after this election, as many experts also believe.

On Dec. 9, by the end of voting, the final voter turnout in the early parliamentary election in Armenia was only 48.63 percent, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Armenia. For the first time, the majority of voters in Armenia ignored the election.

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