US National Christmas Tree reopens for visitors amid Gov't Shutdown

  25 December 2018    Read: 824
US National Christmas Tree reopens for visitors amid Gov

The National Christmas Tree at President's Park in the US capital of Washington reopened on Monday with the help of the country's National Park Foundation amid government's shutdown and closure of certain federal office buildings and sights, local media reported.

The National Christmas Tree was closed on Friday after it was damaged by a man who decided to climb the tree. The subsequent introduction of the government-shutdown mode and the lapse of the park's budget prevented the tree from being reopened.

According to the NBC News broadcaster, other US states have also mobilized resources to ensure that their sights will be open for visitors despite the funding lapse.

The US federal government is currently in the state of partial shutdown that began on Saturday after the Senate failed to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government running.

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