Former Brazilian governor arrested in corruption probe

  26 January 2019    Read: 1647
Former Brazilian governor arrested in corruption probe

Brazilian police arrested Beto Richa, former governor of the southern state of Parana, on Friday in a corruption investigation into contracts with the private sector, reports citing Xinhua.

Richa was arrested under an order of preventive prison, meaning that he will remain behind bars for an undetermined length of time.

The preventive prison is a legal procedure used when the accused poses a risk of flight or when it is believed they might try to interfere with ongoing investigations or threaten witnesses.

The arrest was ordered as part of an investigation conducted by Federal Police, which uncovered a corruption scheme at the concession of state highways to private companies.

According to the authorities, Richa is under investigation for corruption, money laundering and criminal associations.

It is not the first time Richa is arrested amid investigations of corruption.

In Sept. 2018, he spent four days in jail until the Supreme Court ordered his release. At that time, Richa had left Parana state's government and was running for the Senate. He was not elected.

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