Economy minister talks artificial rise in prices for products in Azerbaijan

  18 February 2019    Read: 2238
 Economy minister talks artificial rise in prices for products in Azerbaijan

Artificially high prices for food products aren’t observed in Azerbaijan, Economy Minister Shahin Mustafayev told reporters in Baku Feb. 18, reports.

Commenting on the probability of a rise in price for bread in the country, the minister noted that no changes in the cost of bread are expected.

Mustafayev reminded that a part of the grain used in the production of bread in Azerbaijan is imported.

“This product has risen in price in a number of countries from where we import grain, and this could have affected prices in Azerbaijan,” he said. “However, we are taking measures - we meet with manufacturers and representatives of market chains so that there would be no increase in the price of bread.”

In general, the minister stressed that the relevant state bodies daily monitor the prices of food products in Azerbaijan, and no artificially high prices were recorded.

The minister also raised the issue of drug price regulation. He noted that if consumers have suspicions about the overpricing of state-regulated medicines, they may contact the Economy Ministry or the Tariff Council.

“The state is taking the necessary measures to curb the facts of artificially high prices,” he added. “In particular, importers and manufacturers, the market share of which is 35 percent, are under the state supervision and they cannot change their prices without permission.”

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